Purple Bliss



Time stands still


Pilot whales off the coast of Big Island (HI)



This week we have had unusually cold weather for this time of the year. The late frost damaged some non-native and native plants and trees. The flaming azaleas with their fierce orange hues are standing out.

Shell-shocked in a changing climate

Flaming fires are unperturbed

A Promise

No more silence

poets’ juices

should be flowing


shaking the world 

that sings hallelujahs

admires golden curtains

making prisoners 

of friends and foes

who disobey the insane

Build connections not walls

Zealandia, New Zealand, December 2016


Benji’s Story

Benji 6.5 weeks in the shelter

Once upon a time

Not so long ago

There was a small puppy

Waiting in a shelter

For his forever home

Finally, at long last

His wish was granted

And he ate, and ate

And grew, and grew

To be continued…

© 2015 Anarette

Life of Benji: update

Benji is now 13.5 weeks old. Lots has happened since the interview with Dougy and Andy; it is hard to keep track. I think we can divide what has happened into three basic categories: PLAY, EAT, and SLEEP.