Alternate Reality

Watching the news conference

Dictionaries can leave

Rest assured

Everything is superlative

tremendously great and just fantastic

Alternate facts became reality

Logic = futile


Please Dogtor Who 

wave your magic

show us sanity

and naked facts



Benji’s Story

Benji 6.5 weeks in the shelter

Once upon a time

Not so long ago

There was a small puppy

Waiting in a shelter

For his forever home

Finally, at long last

His wish was granted

And he ate, and ate

And grew, and grew

To be continued…

© 2015 Anarette

Life of Benji: update

Benji is now 13.5 weeks old. Lots has happened since the interview with Dougy and Andy; it is hard to keep track. I think we can divide what has happened into three basic categories: PLAY, EAT, and SLEEP.



Well, lots has happened here so it is time for an update. On Tuesday we adopted a little guy from the local animal shelter and named him Benji as he is the Benjamin of the family. He is quite a character and dreams of being a famous soccer player one day. I will let him introduce himself later.

IMG_8733 crop

Ms. Zulu is in the sick bay after an ACL repair on Wednesday. She is not allowed to jump or run for at least 4 weeks. This is definitely NOT easy for a Border Collie, but despite her troubles, she is in good spirits.

IMG_8700 crop

Wishing you a relaxing day.