The Crew

When I started Anarette, my Crew consisted of four lovely furry assistants. Now it is Ms. Zulu and Benji who continue to roam the woods and help me carry out our mission. 







Ms. Zulu is always ready to lend a helping hand. She was adopted from a local animal shelter. Over the years, Ms. Zulu became an unofficial Ambassador for Animal Shelter Pets. Help her spread the word to adopt a Shelter Pet. To find available pets in the U.S. click on Petfinder.


Benji, short for Benjamin joined our crew on November 3, 2015, when we adopted him from the animal shelter. He is a bundle of joy. Benji became a therapy dog in October 2016. He started his own blog that same month, see Life of Benji .


© Anarette

Be kind
Get a pet from the Animal Shelter
Spay or neuter your pet


12 thoughts on “The Crew

  1. I aspire to be at least half the man my pets think I am. I have two wonderful cats, and until two years ago, I was blessed with an amazing Golden Retriever named Sam. We rescued him, and he saved us.

    • Those are wise and gracious words. It is sad that they don’t live as long as we do but they sure do make up for it with their joyfulness. It sounds like you and Sam created many precious memories. What a great treasure. Happy tails, A.

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