98 thoughts on “About Anarette

  1. Congratulations on your first year of blogging!!!
    I love your great site!
    Thank you so very much for subscribing to me and opening the door to your wonderful world! Eddie (If I have said this already please excuse the repetition)

  2. Good Morning , nice to meet You and Your blog 🙂 Great posts, great ideas , pleasure to be here , i wish You the best,in free time see my little place too, Regards from Poland , EM

  3. Gorgeous photograph – it reminds me of trips I took when I was a young girl – the Billabongs of the NT, here in Australia. We would usually see crocodile eyes peeking ever-so-slightly above the water line when we went sailing by in our Tinny (word for 10 foot boat that consistent of a sheet of metal with an outboard motor on the back)

    Thanks for the flashback 🙂

    Wishing you well on your blogging journey and hope to follow along the way!

    Miss Lou

  4. Thanks for visiting and liking my photo. This is the first month I have done one a day, so far so good, 12 for 12. Otherwise I suck at it. Photos are easier than finding words for me, although I would love to put poetry to it. Maybe next month I will try photos and poems. I have recently visited some of the poets on here and am amazed at the talent. Will follow your blog and hope you come back and visit mine.

  5. And I thought I was really challenging myself with one post per day for 7 days… Baby steps! Maybe I’ll get inspired to do as you and do it for a whole year!

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