That’s Quacking Right


It’s full of li’l pads 

the pond yonder

where frogs croak happily

day and night

without a fright


St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge



12 thoughts on “That’s Quacking Right

  1. A lake in a city park where I live attracts lots of water fowl that waddle all over an adjoining pricey neighborhood to make nests and upset the residents with their presence. Hmm.

    I once was asked what to do about a mourning dove that nested in the grass of one of these pricey properties. I suggested mowing around the grass nest till the birds raised their babies. I explained that the birds wouldn’t be their long, that the lengthening grass would provide them cover, and the people who owned the property would get an up close look at one of nature’s wonders.

    The lady of the house instructed her gardener to mow over the nest instead!

    Bless those who live within the natural world instead of fighting against it and destroying it because it makes the yard a bit less groomed! I enjoyed you poem and the joy of such places!

    • Thanks; I love your feedback!

      That’s just plain awful and wrong about the woman who instructed to mow over the nest. Your advice was very sensible and practical. Very sad that they didn’t listen to your advice. I just never understood why people who don’t like nature impeding on their property want to live close to a natural park or in a forest.

  2. “there” – spending too much time on Facebook, one slips into sloppy mistakes like typing “their” when one never makes that mistake for “there”!

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