This week we have had unusually cold weather for this time of the year. The late frost damaged some non-native and native plants and trees. The flaming azaleas with their fierce orange hues are standing out.

Shell-shocked in a changing climate

Flaming fires are unperturbed


13 thoughts on “Flaming

    • The fringe tree (native) is still looking sad… The apple tree seems to have made it. It had already apples on it. The meyers lemon had some dead branches. The flaming azaleas are doing well as a bunch of other native stuff.

  1. Those are some really striking and pretty azaleas! I don’t live anywhere with seasons so I can’t really imagine the frost, but it must be quite bad for the poor plants. Hopefully you can see them all healthy and blooming again soon 🙂

    • The fringe tree lost all of its flowers and leafs but is now finally showing new leafs. The azaleas are doing remarkably well. I always look forward to see blooming.

  2. I had no idea that you have flame azalea that far South. We have them up here in the mountains and I had one volunteer pop up on my property a few years ago – always looking forward to seeing its fiery bloom.

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