The Watercolor Painting Bug

By now, most of you know that I like to take photos and write poems. About one year ago, I caught the watercolor painting bug.  I painted as a child, but never tried it as an adult. Well, that is not completely true; I have painted the houses I’ve lived in. Yes, I know; that is so boring! Had I known that I missed out on a lot of fun, I would have tried watercolor painting sooner. Here is an example of my work. I am not using any captions; you tell me what you see. Happy Monday!watercolor


10 thoughts on “The Watercolor Painting Bug

  1. The green one looks like an angry frog saying ” you want a piece of me” and the other is an ostrich with his head buried. Am I close?

  2. A kid on fire at the left. A 1-legged ostrich at right with a bluebird above. Something terribly exciting has happened out of view to the left to scare them all so badly. (It was all right in the end.)

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