The Puppy Files

What’s up, you ask? Well, we are busy playing games… Here is the Rain Pipe Game that Benji and I invented on one of those rainy days, see also Benji’s Blog. Ms. Zulu loves to watch and get treats for just sitting pretty…  

Snapshot 4 (6-21-2016 11-07 AM)




8 thoughts on “The Puppy Files

  1. Clever boy! Great video, I adopted another rescue dog a month ago (after losing my last one last August and finally come through some of the grief), and she’s a clever one too. I might have a go at this game with her. *smiles*

    – esme waving from upon the Cloud

    • It is difficult to lose our buddies. So happy to hear though that you were able to rescue a dog; congrats! Try the game and let me know how it goes!

  2. Now if I had a dog I would get this fun game right away. Since I don’t though I must say that playing with your dog as you do is truly being in the Moment. Life doesn’t get sweeter then this! ❤

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