Benji’s Story

Benji 6.5 weeks in the shelter

Once upon a time

Not so long ago

There was a small puppy

Waiting in a shelter

For his forever home

Finally, at long last

His wish was granted

And he ate, and ate

And grew, and grew

To be continued…

© 2015 Anarette


34 thoughts on “Benji’s Story

      • I was thinking of doing a post on her. She is doing very well, but she barks at all the dogs when I take her out for walks. In the house she doesn’t bark at all though.

      • That is a great idea. Barking can be stopped according to Patricia McConnell. So far Benji is good, but we are following Patricia’s directions. Time will tell if it works and if we, the humans, can follow directions 🙂

      • She barks at other dogs when she doesn’t have a reason to. A doctor that I know says she does that to defend me because she feels insecure. Since she was lost for a long time, she feels a lot of distrust from strangers.

      • It is tough when they have a not so great past. I am glad Lucy has you now. With one of my previous dogs, I had to do desensitizing training because the previous owners had abused him so much that he ended up in the shelter’s hospital when he was 1.5 years old. But he was the greatest dog, sweet as pie once he trusted you. I applied the three P’s: Patience, Perseverance, and lots of Praise and it worked. I am sure Lucy will get more confident once she has been with you a bit longer.

  1. Anarette, I meant to tell you that the reason Lucy doesn’t bark inside the house is because she only does it the she goes out for walks on a leash. Once she’s in the house, she doesn’t bark at all.

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