The Interview: Part II

I moved part II of the interview to Benji’s Blog 

Andy reading

[Andy is ready for the interview]

Dougy helping at the pc

[Dougy is in charge of the computer]


Happy Thanksgiving to all critters big and small


13 thoughts on “The Interview: Part II

  1. Nice interview. Cats are definitely not lazy. They are using energy conservation techniques for their survival instinct (which is to strike, and I hope playing!)

  2. Andy, Dougy and I want to wish you, Ms. Zulu, Benji, and all our blog followers a very Happy Thanksgiving, too!

    We had great fun learning about Benji. He is the cutest thing! We also send hugs to Ms. Zulu, who’s recovering from surgery to repair her leg, poor doggy!

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  4. Well, that was a most entertaining and informative series of interviews. Thank you, Benji, Andy and Dougy. Oh, and there may have been some humans involved, perhaps.

    • Thanks Yvonne; glad you learned something too. There may have been some lost in the translation, but I believe that Doug and were able to get the gist of the conversations.

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