Benji is becoming famous!

IMG_8733 crop

Ms. Zulu was already interviewed by Andy and Dougy, now it is Benji’s turn. Read more here: Post 951: someone new on the block…


6 thoughts on “Benji is becoming famous!

  1. Andy and Dougy are really excited to learn more about Benji! If you can think of any questions they may have missed, feel free to add them to the list.

    Here’s an inside joke: Snoopy is a dog. Andy (and Dougy) is snoopy. Therefore, Andy (and Dougy) is a dog! . Hee! Hee! Makes then hiss and spit, let me tell you, when I tease them this that little bit of illogic!

    • Well, everyone here is excited as well, even Ms. Zulu. Since she is in sickbay she has lots of time on her hands/ paws, so this will be a nice distraction for her.

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