Rest Assured



The sun-kissed wings

Will soar once more




This week we have had unusually cold weather for this time of the year. The late frost damaged some non-native and native plants and trees. The flaming azaleas with their fierce orange hues are standing out.

Shell-shocked in a changing climate

Flaming fires are unperturbed

Alternate Reality

Watching the news conference

Dictionaries can leave

Rest assured

Everything is superlative

tremendously great and just fantastic

Alternate facts became reality

Logic = futile


Please Dogtor Who 

wave your magic

show us sanity

and naked facts


A Promise

No more silence

poets’ juices

should be flowing


shaking the world 

that sings hallelujahs

admires golden curtains

making prisoners 

of friends and foes

who disobey the insane

Build connections not walls

Zealandia, New Zealand, December 2016



To be at peace

Is sitting quietly

In the morning sun

Knowing the day ahead

Is free for the taking


If you listen quietly

You will hear the whispers

Stay ever so still and

Whispers will become messages

Loud and clear without a doubt

Benji’s Blog

Benji 2

Since Benji joined our crew, his posts have attracted a lot of new followers to this blog. I thought it would only be fair to give Benji his own website.  I called it Life of Benji, just check it out. On this blog, Anarette, I will continue to post my poems and photographs to reconnect body, mind, and nature.


Man Vs. Nature


Yesterday, I showed you a watercolor painting experiment and promised to explain what was on the painting. To be honest, I had nothing in mind when I started painting. These paintings just start with a couple of colors, like my poems start with random words. This time, I started with the yellow spot on the left. It looked like a pointed cap to me and the green figure on the left sort of grew from there. On the right, I started with blue paint, and it slowly morphed into what looks like an ostrich to me. I felt that something was missing, so I drew the blue-yellow dot on the top last.

Here is my two cents interpretation. Maybe my subconscious tried to paint the current world situation: lots of meanness in combination with ostrichism. The green figure represents nature or innocence that is overtaken by greed (red color) . The right figure is about people ignoring the issues at stake. Which issues, you ask? Well, any. I am sure you can think of some… accelerated climate change, inequality, etc. The small blue bird with the yellow dots on the top represents hope although it seems to be in a downward spiral. But hey, maybe if the ostrich gets its head out of the sand and spreads its wings in time, it will catch the bird and all will be well.  -THE END-